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12 Best Duck Boots

I remember my first pair of duck boots. They had a cherry red waterproof area and leather uppers. I wore them in the snow and rain, and they were my favorite shoes.

It turns out that duck boots have been around for a long time. They are efficient in wet weather because they wrap the foot in thick rubber. Duck boots are visibly waterproof. Some of them have uppers that are more waterproof than others, but most are great for keeping your feet Dry.

All duck boots do not have similar features. Not all of them look like the traditional L.L. Bean that was popular throughout the 1900s. Today, duck boots come in a variety of styles, colors, materials, and shapes. We’ve gone through the options for selecting the best duck boots so you know exactly what you’re getting.

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  • Best overall option:Sperry Saltwater Boots
  • Best Premium Product:Sorel Caribou Duck Boots
  • Best Value Product:Polar Duck Boots

History of the duck boot

L.L. Bean is responsible for creating and marketing the original duck boot in 1911. Leon Leonwood Bean, the man who founded the company, was tired of returning from hunting trips with cold feet. He also noticed that his hunting boots didn’t keep his feet Dry enough.

He came up with the idea of ​​combining the fully waterproof bottom of a rain boot with a comfortable leather upper by observing the types of boots people were wearing at the time. Hunters wore leather boots, which were quiet and comfortable. Farmers wore rubber boots to protect themselves from dirt and rain.

Bean decided that the ultimate hunting boot would include the best of both worlds. His shoes have rigid rubber soles that completely wrap the foot. The leather upper is soft against the skin and moves as you move.

The first batch of shoes sold out quickly, but 90 percent were returned by consumers due to defects. Bean had allowed this. He said that anyone who has purchased the boot and is not satisfied with it can return it for a full refund.

Bean added triple stitching to connect the leather to the rubber. Doing this made them more durable and waterproof. A split back seam surrounds the Achilles tendon to prevent blisters and chafing in that area.

The manufacturer added ridges to the top of the rubber boot at this point. They help disperse water so it doesn’t collect on the top of the shoe or soak into the leather.

Initially, people called the boots Maine hunting boots orBean Boots. Over time they earned the nickname “duck boots” because they allow you to dip your feet in water and have veins reminiscent of a duck’s webbed feet.

At first, duck boots were primarily utilitarian. Hunters, fishermen, and other outdoorsy people wore them. Then students from elite New England prep schools wore them in their preppy outfits. Duck boots became a fashion staple and L.L.Bean was continually selling the product.

Today, you don’t have to worry about L.L. Bean. You can find duck boots in a wide variety of designs from other retailers.

What to look for in a duck boot

Duck boots should have some features that make them perfect for you. Here’s what to look for when shopping for duck boots.

They should look good

It goes without saying that your duck boots should fit you well. Shoes that don’t fit properly can rub against your feet and create blisters. They can also be painful to wear for long periods of time.

Before you decide which size to buy, think about how you’re going to wear your duck boots. If you’re wearing them in the snow, you may want to size up to accommodate thicker socks. If you wear them in the summer, you may want a more comfortable pair.

What climate do you live in?

Because they keep your feet Dry, duck boots help keep you a bit Warm. Leather is breathable but slightly insulating. Traditional duck boots are ideal for many climates.

But your feet can get cold if you wear your duck boots in the snow. Many people choose to purchase lined duck boots for snowy and icy environments. Boots lined with shearling or faux fur add a layer of Warmth. Thinsulate material can also insulate your feet from the cold.

However, if you buy Insulated boots, you may not be able to wear them in the summer. Think about whether you need different pairs for each season, or just throw on wool socks with your non-Insulated boots in the winter.

What style of boot do you want?

If practicality and function are what you’re after, you might want the conventional pair of duck boots, which have navy rubber and brown leather uppers. However, nowadays you can have a lot of fun with your fashion sense. Duck boots come in different patterns and colors.

They also have a variety of closure options. Some tie in front, while others have buckles. The laces are easy to use, but can be untied in the middle of your adventure. Laces can also get wet and drag on the ground.

Buckles often allow quicker access to boots. You can adjust them like laces, but they’re made of the same material as the upper and won’t get as soaked.

How to design duck boots

Some people say that duck boots are not in style. However, if you are preppy, you may have an affinity for shoes. Also, trying to get to work in a storm while wearing loafers or dress shoes can leave your feet soaking wet. Wet shoes with water stains are neither comfortable nor stylish.

You can wear duck boots with many types of casual wardrobes. They look great with jeans, canvas pants, khakis, and corduroy. Duck boots even match business casual pants.

If it’s raining or snowing, you may want to tuck your pants into your boots. While this may not be how he usually dresses, it protects the hems of his pants from absorbing into the water.If you don’t go that route, you can roll up your pant cuffs so they don’t drag.

Duck boots come in men’s and women’s styles. You can wear them with dresses, pants and skirts. When paired with dresses, duck boots look great with thick socks. They are also cute with leggings and a knit Sweater.

Benefits of duck boots

Why would you buy duck boots instead of a pair of hunting or rain boots? The advantages of this type of boots are many.

Since they were invented in the early 20th century, these boots have never gone out of style. They’ve been a staple of the outdoor preppy Lifestyle throughout the years.

Also, duck boots are versatile when it comes to fashion and functionality. They go with almost any outfit. You can also wear them in all seasons and for a variety of activities. They’re comfortable enough for long hikes and hikes, but you can also wear them to run errands or go about your daily activities.

The main benefit might be that duck boots keep your feet Dry. Rubber is waterproof. While most boots that contain leather or synthetic materials can be waterproof, duck boots actually encase the foot in an impenetrable layer of Dryness.

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Best Duck Boots Reviews

1. Polar Women’s Waterproof Mid-Calf Boots

POLAR Womens Mid Calf Mountain Walking Tactical Waterproof Boots - Black Leather - US9/EU40 - YC0368

If you’re looking for a duck boot that doubles as a snow boot, you’ll find everything you need for one low price. Full synthetic material keeps water off your feet. The rubber sole covers the entire foot and has anti-slip bands underneath.

You won’t have to worry about slipping on wet surfaces. The deep lugs also allow you to walk on rocky surfaces without your feet shooting out from under you.

Also, these boots are extremely Warm. The padded upper is Insulated and hugs the ankle and calf. The furry lining also helps keep your skin comfortable.

Because the tongue is attached to the upper along the vertical edges, it won’t let water or snow in. This is truly a waterproof boot.

While some boots can be big and chunky, these are streamlined and have a sleek profile. The D-ring lacing system allows you to quickly adjust the boots. You can also easily loosen them so you can slide them on right away.

The 8-inch trucks aren’t too tall, but they do spread out just enough to keep your legs Warm as you hike through several inches of snow. You can wear them over or under the bottom of your pants.

The only problem you may have with these shoes is with the size. The boots are somewhat short but wide. If you don’t have wide feet, you may slip into your shoes, especially if your size is larger to accommodate your toes. You definitely have to try them out to determine how they will work for you.


  • Excellent snow treads
  • The airfoil is not bulky or clunky
  • There are no gaps under the laces for water to enter


  • May be small
  • The insole is somewhat hard and little cushioned

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2. Polar Duck Men’s Waterproof Insulated Boots

POLAR Mens Snow Hiking Mucker Duck Grafters Waterproof Saftey Thermal Boots - Black - US10/EU43 - YC0445

These boots are the men’s version of the women’s boots we discussed earlier. They have the same foot lining and 100% rubber sole as women’s boots. The synthetic upper is completely waterproof and does not allow moisture to come into contact with the skin. Additionally, the premium materials are durable and should withstand heavy use.

The shaft is higher than that of women’s boots. At 11 inches, it towers well above her ankle. However, it is not so tall as to restrict your movement.

The boots are fully lined with faux fur. Some Insulated boots only include the lining material to the bottom of the cuff. With these boots, the furry lining extends all the way to the toes. The shoes will retain your own body heat. In addition, the lining limits friction between the hard rubber and the top of the foot.

The molded rubber sole and foot lining have no gaps that could allow water to enter. Plus, deep lugs under the shoe keep you stable in a wide variety of environments. You’ll get excellent traction in these boots, and speed and ice won’t hold you back.

Another feature that makes these boots convenient is the speed lacing technology. The bottom three grommets are made of fixed steel. Two additional hook closures at the top are also made of steel. They are durable and allow you to quickly thread and adjust your laces.


  • Quick tie laces help you get shoes on and off quickly
  • Non-slip rubber grip lets you navigate snow and ice
  • Fully lined from neck to toe
  • Roomy toe box
  • Thick lining


  • So hot they can make your feet sweaty
  • The insole may not be comfortable for long walks

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3. Nike Men’s Lunar Force 1 Duck Boot

Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot '17

If you’re looking for something a little non-traditional, you might prefer these Nike Duck Boots. They look more like sneakers than boots, and appeal to a sporty style. If your vibe is more urban than rustic, these may be the shoes for you.

These boots are similar to the Nike Air Force 1 shoes. However, they have more cushioning in the insole. They are also ideal for long walks or walks in the rain and snow.

The sole is also lighter than previous versions. Air-Sole units in the heel and forefoot give you cushioned comfort without the added weight.

Even the outsole is lightweight, despite its rugged appearance. Beveled ribs provide adequate traction in slippery conditions. Lots of cutouts keep the soles from being bulky.

These boots are waterproof. They feature water protection technology that allows raindrops to fall through. However, if you wet the area with the laces,the water will seep inside and wet your socks and feet. You may not want to wear these shoes in a heavy storm or in snowy areas.

The shoes feature large pull tabs at the back of the neck and at the top of the tongue. These allow you to slide your feet easily. They are laced through a secure eyelet system. An adjustable ankle strap lets you get the snug fit you need to protect yourself from the elements.

Although the front of the shoe is rugged and waterproof, it is not completely waterproof. Instead of being made of hard rubber, it’s built from the same material as the rest of the shoe. Contains a diamond texture, which allows water to flow down the front of the shoe.

These Nikes may be more comfortable than other styles of duck boots, but they aren’t the most resistant to moisture. They are best suited for people looking for shoes that are more durable than sneakers but more comfortable to walk in than traditional duck boots.

These boots are also available for women.


  • Lunarlon cushioning is ideal for long walks or hikes
  • Large loops help you put on shoes
  • Great traction that feels like a sneaker
  • Decent Anklet


  • Not completely waterproof

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4. Sperry Saltwater Boot

Sperry Women's Saltwater Boots, TAN/DK Brown, 9 Medium

If you love the look of traditional Bean boots, the Sperry Saltwater Rain Boots are a great choice. They have the traditional rubber cover over the shoes and leather uppers. They also come in a variety of colors so you can customize them with your wardrobe.

The rubber on these boots is higher than the rubber on some duck boots. That’s a good thing because leather isn’t completely waterproof. The tongue is not attached to the opening where the laces are. Therefore, water and wind can seep into the front of the shoe.

The details of the boots are made to resist moisture in several ways. Rawhide cord does not absorb water like cotton would. Rustproof grommets will not degrade if exposed to moisture.

You can adjust the laces as needed to fit your feet perfectly, and you don’t have to re-tie them. These boots have a side zipper so they can be put on and taken off naturally.

These shoes also have added Warmth via a microFleece lining. Cushioning in the insole lets you walk comfortably for miles.

The soles of these shoes feature a unique wavy pattern that provides traction in slippery conditions. Because the soles are tan in color, they won’t mark your floors.

6.75-inch shaft wraps around the ankle for warmth and support. However, it is not so high as to hamper your agility. You may want to choose a boot with a higher shaft if you’re going to be wearing it in the snow.


  • A side zipper makes it easy to get these boots on and off
  • Light colored soles do not leave marks on the floor
  • The 75-inch shaft makes these boots versatile
  • He heeled1 inch n gives you a little lift
  • Decent arch support


  • Not completely waterproof
  • They are not designed to be winter snow boots
  • Slightly heavy

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5. Kamik Sienna 2 Women’s Boot

If you want a boot that’s a little more modern and rugged than the conventional Bean boot, look no further than these women’s Kamik Sienna 2 boots.

The upper part is made of a combination of nubuck and textile. Nubuck keeps your feet warm and dry, while the material offers a Cozy appeal. The fabric part of the boots is reminiscent of a winter Sweater and feels as Cozy as it looks. These boots are ideal for walking in wet and cold weather.

The shell that covers your feet is made of RubberHe synthetic material. It’s lightweight and won’t make you drag your feet. The upper transitions to a tan outsole, which won’t mark light floors.

The tread on the soles is deep enough to support you on wet or dry surfaces during the cold season. It’s grippy and offers enough traction that you can wear these boots anywhere.

Four eyelets and three D-rings make lacing these boots easy and secure. Fabric cords are strong and unlikely to break or fray.

Something that makes these boots especially suitable for winter is the Thinsulate lining. Keeps the heat in and the cold out without adding bulk. You’ll be amazed at how streamlined the profile of these boots is.

One of the problems with some insulated boots is that they trap moisture from sweat inside. These boots have a Fleece lining that wicks away moisture and keeps your feet dry. In addition, the interior is treated with antibacterial products to prevent bacterial growth that can make the boots smell bad.

The heel is higher than many duck boots. At 1.25 inches, it elongates the legs and makes these boots look especially fashionable. You can take them to all your winter parties.


  • Thinsulate material is warm without the bulk
  • Light
  • Heel loop makes it easy to slip into boots
  • Molded EVA footbed is comfortable
  • Practical and attractive
  • Flexible material won’t limit your range of motion


  • May run a bit small
  • No side zippers

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6. Men’s Uplander II 10-Inch Snow Lacrosse Boot

LaCrosse Men's Uplander II 10-Inch Brown Snow Boot,Brown,14 M US

This snow boot keeps you warm and dry. It’s perfect for shoveling snow, hiking in cold weather, or ice fishing. It looks like a traditional Bean boot, but it’s more durable.

The 10-inch shaft covers most of the calf, keeping you warm and dry. The snow will not touch your skin. Even if the hems of the pants get soaked in cold water, they will rest on the upper part of the shoe so that the socks do not get cold or damp.

The upper is 100% full-grain leather, which resists tears and punctures. The leather is already oiled to give you a comfortable softness.

If you clean and condition these boots properly, they should last a long time. The leather too n Will get softer over time with proper conditioning. It should feel supple against your skin and allow you freedom of movement.

The loop at the back of the heel makes it easy to put them on and take them off. The top of the neck has a band of contrasting color for a handsome appeal.

Do you have to walk on frozen surfaces frequently? The rope-cleated outsole gives you excellent traction. Gives you more walking surface area and grips slippery sidewalks.

The rubber material that surrounds the shoe is vulcanized. It’s securely attached to the sole, giving you complete protection from the elements.

Although they are marketed as snow boots, they are not insulated. Your feet can get cold when you sit in a deer stall or walk on a frozen lake in the winter. On the other hand, these are ideal for outdoor activities in the Warmer months of the year. They are breathable and your feet will not get too hot.

Because these boots rise so high on the shaft, you have to do a lot of lacing. These boots do not have a zipper to make it easier to put them on and take them off.

These boots also come in women’s sizes. The women’s version of this boot has a 7-inch shaft.


  • High boots keep snow out
  • The contrasting color on the neckline is attractive
  • Simple and classic design


  • Not ideal for walking long distances
  • Inner seams can rub against the foot
  • Heavy

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7. The North Face Women’s Shellista II

The North Face is a renowned brand known for making high-quality clothing for outdoor adventures. The materials that make up these shoes are premium and superior. The soles are made of injection molded waterproof TPR. These boots have suede, leather and wool details.

You probably don’t have to worry about your feet getting cold. The 200 grams PrimaLoft insulation keeps the cold out and makes your feet feel comfortable.

The North Face products are built to last. Products are guaranteed against defects as long as they come from a reputable seller. The performance of this brand is hard to beat. The boots are comfortable for walking long distances.

The treads are extremely grippy. Go up and down hills and across ice without slipping or sliding. The ice pick lugs are especially well suited to help you walk on icy surfaces. However, they won’t damage floors when you wear these shoes inside.

These are some of the tallest duck boots for women. If you need extra warmth around your legs, you won’t be disappointed. These come in a few different styles and variations. The style in the link provided above has soft fabric around the neck. Prevents the boot from sinking into the skin of that area.


  • Tall boots keep calves and feet warm
  • PrimaLoft insulation adds warmth and comfort
  • The axis extends about 13 inches from the arc
  • Excellent waterproof capabilities


  • The fur lining does not reach the foot area
  • You may need to fully untie them to slide your foot in and out
  • Minimal arch support

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8. DKSUKO Duck Boots for Women

DKSUKO Women's Winter Duck Boots with Waterproof Zipper Rain Boots for Women (6 B(M) US, Black)

These duck boots are ideal for wet climates. They are extremely waterproof. The one-piece design limits the amount of moisture that can leak in from the outside.

One of the standout features of these boots is the waterproof zipper. It runs along the inside of the ankle and allows you to take the boots on and off without tying them. The zipper does not rust or allow water to enter the boots.

Speaking of the inside of the boots, these are lined with faux fur for a cozy experience. The soft sole makes these shoes even more comfortable. While many duck boots offer a firm ride, these are a bit more comfortable. You may still want to add a cushioned insole for longer hikes or hikes.

You can buy these boots with or without the lining. Some people say they are so breathable that you can wear the lined boots in the summer without getting too hot. However, you probably want to wear socks with them no matter what. Otherwise, they could develop odors over time.


  • Fur lined for warmth
  • Softer sole than many other boots
  • Dirt-repellent laces
  • Waterproof side zipper


  • Synthetic leather may not be as durable as natural leather
  • The upper part is not as waterproof as the manufacturer claims

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9. Sorel Caribou Duck Women’s Boots

Sorel Women's Caribou NL1005 Boot,Buff,9 M

These Sorel Caribou Duck Boots are cute, trendy, and extremely functional. It is not easy to find duck boots that are so practical but look so good. These boots are warm and waterproof. They are perfect for snowy conditions and also work well in the rain.

Because the boots are tall, they keep moisture away from your legs. The shaft measures approximately 9.5 inches tall when measured from the arch.

These boots shine when it comes to the lining, which is soft, removable and washable. The lining ends in a furry snow cuff, providing extra plush to keep snow and ice out of the collar. It also prevents the collar from rubbing against the skin.

One of the best things about these boots is their insulation. They are rated for temperatures to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nubuck leather upper is durable and waterproof. One of the downsides to nubuck is that it can develop water spots. But you can clean and condition it to keep it looking like New for as long as possible.

The bootie is designed like many of the other duck boots. It has a contrasting stripe around the midsole, making it aesthetically pleasing.

These boots have particularly thick soles. The studs are well spaced for traction on snow, ice, dirt, grass, and pavement.


  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Elegant
  • Very warm; ideal as snow boots


  • Without side zipper
  • It can get very hot when it’s hot
  • Heavy

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10. Housking Womens Winter Duck Rain Boots

Housking Women's Winter Duck Boots, Outdoor Waterproof Mid Calf Rain Booties with Warm Fur Khaki

We wanted to find a warm pair of boots that would be suitable for winter weather but not too thickly insulated. We found these.

Because the upper part is made of synthetic leather, it is highly resistant to water. It might repel water better than leather because it’s not porous. It is also warm and protects against the wind without being too thick.

The TPR sole has slip-resistant edges and can take you from work to the woods. These shoes have excellent traction on wet or dry surfaces.

They are lined with fluffy synthetic material. The fuzzy lining wraps your foot in warmth. It’s even applied to the bottom of the tongue so your foot feels pampered with every step.

The tongue is also attached to the upper lengthwise. You won’t get debris, snow, or dirt inside the boots.

The boot and sole are made of a combination of polyurethane and rubber. They are light and flexible, allowing you to walk naturally and comfortably.

These boots have a shaft that reaches just above the ankle. The trucks offer some support, but don’t rise too much. Therefore, these may not be the best shoes for deep snow. However, they are ideal for cold and rainy days.


  • Synthetic leather upper repels water and wind
  • Tab is attached to the opening to prevent moisture from entering
  • Extremely waterproof
  • Excellent traction
  • Synthetic materials are easy to clean


  • Without side zipper
  • Templates are not removable

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11. Women’s TF Star Duck Ankle Boots

TF STAR Women's Ankle Calf Comfortable lace up Waterproof Bean Boots, rain Winter Snow Duck Boots for Women.

Need warm, ankle-high boots that lace up quickly and give you great traction on snow, ice, and rain? These duck boots have all of those qualities. They also have a sophisticated look that is a bit sporty. They go with all kinds of outfits.

Contrasting color around the sole gives these boots a casual look. They’re like a cross between a street sneaker and a boot. They’re a little less preppy than the traditional bean boot style and can help you show off your personality.

Also, these boots protect your feet. They contain 3M Thinsulate insulation, which keeps your toes and ankles warm. The interior is lined with faux fur, which is luxurious, warm and cosy.

The rubber bootie is seam-sealed to prevent water ingress. Also, traction on the outsole is excellent.

One of the only downsides to these boots is that the cream-colored lining material that sticks out from the collar could get dirty if splashed in too many puddles. It is not removable. Therefore, you may find it difficult to clean it.

However, these versatile shoes should see you through every season. They are perfect for fall, winter and early spring.

If your feet don’t get too hot, you can even wear them on rainy summer days because they are so low.Keep your ankle exposed to allow some airflow and stay cool on Warmer days.


  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Narrow profile
  • Hot without being too loud
  • Large D-rings make tying and loosening easy


  • May not be suitable for deep snow
  • Liner cannot be removed for washing
  • Runs a little tight

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12. Women’s Avanti Rocky Slip-On Duck Boots

AVANTI Rocky Womens Slip On Duckboot - Waterproof Rainboot (11, Brown and Tan)

Not all duck boots have zippers or laces. These are especially easy to handle because you can put them on and take them off without untying anything. Stretch panels on either side of the ankle stretch to accommodate the foot.

The shaft measures 7.75 inches, which covers much of your ankle but doesn’t rise too high in your calf. These shoes will protect the lower leg from rain and snow. However, the collar at the ankle isn’t as tight as it could be on a lace-up duck boot.

These boots have a faux suede upper and a rubberized PVC liner with a matte finish. They have a classy appeal even though they are designed to withstand the weather.

You’ll stay warm in these boots because they have a flannel-like lining. However, your feet should not get too hot. These shoes are appropriate for every season.

If you plan on wearing them with thick socks, you may want to order a size up. Otherwise, these boots may fit snugly. People with wide feet may have trouble sliding their feet into the shoe.

Because the sole is thick on these shoes, you don’t have to worry about stepping in deeper puddles. The shoe’s wide bottom and 0.5-inch heel keep your feet high off the ground. The synthetic suede upper is also waterproof and has no gaps that allow moisture to enter.

One of the downsides to these boots is that they don’t have a cushioned insole. If you need more comfort, you can buy a larger size and add an orthotic.


  • Matte finish rubber does not scratch easily
  • Oversized soles have grippy soles
  • The elegant design is appropriate for many outfits


  • Synthetic suede uppers can develop salt stains in winter
  • Does not come in half sizes
  • Not much cushion or arch support

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If you need boots to keep you dry in inclement weather, you’ve come to the right place. Any of the boots on this page will do the trick. Some will keep you Warmer than others in snowy weather.

The best overall option is the Sperry Saltwater rain boot. It’s got the classic duck boot style with a preppy twist. The lining is not too thick, which means that you can wear the boots at almost any time of the year.

In addition, the boots have a lot of padding to prevent your feet from hurting when walking. You can use the side zipper to quickly access these boots so you can easily remove them at the end of a long day.

If you’re looking for a premium pair of duck boots, you might want to go for Sorel Caribou Footwear. These make great snow boots. They are insulating, warm and extremely waterproof. Plus, they’re a bit more on-trend than some of the other options.

Sorel boots rise up to the leg, protecting the calf from getting wet. If you tuck your pants into them, you’ll stay dry no matter how snowy or rainy it is.

Finally, we understand that you may be on a limited budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on boots that you won’t wear every day. The best value boots on this list are the Polar Duck boots. They have wonderful waterproofing capabilities and keep your feet warm. They are some of the best duck boots you can buy for the price.

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