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Are Ariat boots good?

CEO and co-founder of AriatBet Cruzgrew upin a working-class family in rural Pennsylvania surrounded by cows, sheep, chickens, and horses. Her childhood roots are intertwined with the Ariat brand, especially as a leading provider of equestrian Footwear for riding.

The company motto states that Ariat is “The Next Generation of Boots”, an apt statement as it was the first company to combine athletic shoe technology in boots made for equestrian athletes.

However, Ariat boots have not only built a positive reputation for their Footwear technology. They are popular with people who appreciate the cowboy and western design of the boot along with workers whose intensive jobs require foot protection and comfort.

Reflecting their durable and long-lasting quality, Ariat boots are a premium design. With that in mind, it’s important to learn more about Ariat and its product line before making an investment.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of Ariat boots and answers the question “are Ariat boots any good?” Keep reading to know more!

Company History Ariat Boot

Beth Cross and her classmate Pam Parker founded Ariat in 1993 while studying at the Stanford School of Business.

While working for Reebok, they decided to apply athletic shoe technology to riding boots, and their idea took off after they hired horse enthusiasts and jockeys to fit their first boots.

Ariat began to grow and became one of the leading performance western apparel and workwear companies.

Throughout the 2000s, Ariat became even more popular, sponsored professional bull riders, received Western riding publicity, and signed a sponsorship with the International Federation for Equestrian Sports.

Eventually, Cross received the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in the Consumer Driven category. As of 2020, Ariat ranks globally as one of the largest equestrian footwear and apparel brands.

Ariat’s publicity, history and reputation have made the company value and strive for quality productions.

Ariat Boot Craft

Ariat markets itself as a company whose craftsmanship embodies its “love of leather.” Hollin Norwood, Ariat’s design director, describes himself as creative and a true craftsman.

When you handle an Ariat boot or try it on, it’s clear that thought went into the design and production of the boot.

Typically, each boot will go through a meticulous 150-step process during its construction that uses full-grain leather and other materials the company says are hand-selected.

In addition, Ariat conducts extensive field Testing. This is to ensure that the craftsmanship of all boots is maintained when worn.

In addition to field Testing, Ariat partners with testing facilities and biomechanical research groups with the goal of improving boot performance and overall quality. That ensures that Ariat’s line of boots is constantly subject to scrutiny and evolves for the better.

The United States is home to Ariat’s primary design facility. However, manufacturers outside of the US make the majority of the company’s boots. In particular, Ariat centers its production facilities in China, Italy and Mexico.

Material quality of Ariat boots

Ariat sells different types of footwear that feature various types of high-quality materials. Almost all Ariat boots are made up of the following materials:

  • Full grain leather that maximizes the fashion, durability, protection and comfort of the product.
  • Mesh that allows the user’s feet to breathe and makes the boots ideal for high activity. The mesh helps your feet stay Dry.
  • Duratread that Ariat designed in-house. The duratread makes the boots oil resistant, slip resistant and durable.

Most Ariat boot models feature a steel toe material option. However, the steel material tends to be heavier than the default composite options.

When it comes to boot production, leather is always authentic. The sole material and leather on Ariat boots are top-notch, and consumers will be able to tell the leather is genuine by the unique smell and feel of the materials.

The leather of the boots does not require much maintenance as the boots receive a waterproof treatment with oils and waxes.

Additionally, Ariat leather allows users to easily wipe away residue with a damp cloth and brush the trim clean.

This attention to quality also means that Ariat boots perform well in wet conditions, keeping feet Dry and ensuring that the leather does not stain with water.

Another high-quality feature is the boots’ resistance to salt damage, which often creates unattractive stains and prematurely wears down the leather.

The leather of an average Ariat boot appears smooth, tanned, and feels soft. Many also have worn leather, which means that over time the boot will age and break in very well.

This reflects Ariat’s commitment to providing durable boots for decades to come.

Ariat boots are typically classic, simple, western, and embody the western aesthetic. Ariat advocates say they love the simplicity of the company’s boot designs and its classic cowboy boot traits over stylish details.

In addition to looking good, the design of the boots makes them very versatile to withstand various terrains and horseback riding.

In short, Ariat boots look great and the practicality of the boots is a bonus. Ariat boots are classified into one of five types:

1. Cowboy Boots

Ariat’s most popular designs include western cowboy boot styles made for every occasion. All cowboy boot designs come with the same athletic technology and quality materials.

1. Work boots

The market for Ariat work boots is aimed at professionals who do labor intensive jobs. Work boots come in lace-up and slip-on cowboy boot styles.Ariat offers steel toe safety shoes. Work boots are comfortable, protect your feet, and feature lightweight materials.

2. Boots for outdoor activities

Outdoor boot styles are great for walking and sailing in wet, snowy, and dirty conditions.

3. Riding boots

Equestrian boot designs are the most athletic of shoe designs because they are made for professional riders. Even if you’re not a riding athlete, the boots look great, have shock-absorbing soles, and feature waterproof materials.

4. Casual Boots

Casual boots are marketed more towards fashion while still offering practicality and structure. Casual boot materials are less resistant.

The wide range of designs available makes Ariat boots affordable for consumers from many different backgrounds.

Ariat Comfort Boots

Ariat boots are highly rated for their overall comfort, enough that even Forbes magazine has covered the company.

Ariat’s advanced technology that focuses on this critical aspect of footwear has been a major factor in the company’s rise to become one of the best-selling western boot brands.

As mentioned above, Ariat claims that it has worked with biomechanical research groups to improve the “performance, comfort, durability, and product functionality” of the boots.

Ariat’s patented Advanced Torque Stability technology makes the boot lightweight. The boots consist of a dura dura sole, leather upper, and other boot technology that advocates durability and comfort.

Shock absorption technology takes the lead for one of the boot’s most comfortable features combined with cushioned soles.

In addition to the technological features that make them lightweight, Ariat boots achieve their high levels of comfort thanks to their cushioned soles.

Even some of the company’s heavier work boot models have a cushioned EVA midsole that will make your feet feel right at home. Additionally, the work boots feature slip-resistant, abrasion- and oil-resistant soles.

Ariat boots adapt to your feet quickly, which sets them apart from many other boots. Unlike many competitors, Ariat boots do not have a long break-in period.

Instead, they are made to speed up the cumbersome process of stealing. The combination of quality, supple leather and cushioned midsoles and outsoles make the break-in period for the boots a piece of cake.

Ariat Boot Size and Fit

To maximize Ariat’s advanced comfort technology, you’ll want to make sure you invest in boots that fit you well.

When it comes to how true to size Ariat boots are, it depends on the model and the fit.

Most Ariat boots come in three width sizes: narrow (B), regular (D), and wide (EE). For women, Ariat boots also come in three width sizes: narrow (B FM), regular (B), and wide (C).

Some people find Ariat boots to be a bit larger in comparison.n with actual size. Typically, consumers will buy their traditional shoe size or a half size smaller.

If you have wide feet, get your normal shoe size.

If you’re trying them on in person, be sure to experience how your foot feels while standing and sitting.

In particular, it is important that your foot sits well on the sole of the boot.

Even if they feel comfortable at first, you probably bought the correct boot size. After wearing the boots for a while, the leather will loosen and mold to your feet, indicating your correct size.

Furthermore, well-fitting boots will be tight around the heel and will move a bit as you walk.

In particular, the sole should feel stiff, and as you break the boot in, the sole will relax and there should not be as much movement.

Ariat Boots Models: 9 Most Popular

Ariat boots have a model for everyone and every purpose, but some types are more popular than others.

Regardless of which model you choose to purchase, rest assured that the quality, durability, and design of the boots will stand out. Here is a list of some of the best-selling Ariat boot styles:

1. The worker

One of Ariat’s best-selling work boots is the WorkHog. The boot features a wide square toe, an oil and slip resistant outsole, a shock absorbing midsole and an extra wide shank designed for support.

Somehow the WorkHog boot manages to look good while maintaining maximum protection.

The WorkHog is also waterproof, wipes itself clean, and features mesh that keeps your feet cool and comfortable.

2. The Heritage Roughstock Western Boot

The Heritage Roughstock boot features one of Ariat’s best and most popular designs, and it’s easy to see why they’re in demand.

They come in three different color options designed to evoke a traditional western look. In addition, the boots have full grain leather, a strong sole, lightweight technology, and shock absorption technology.

3. The Rambler Western Boot

The Rambler comes in many designs with different functionality, but the Rambler Western Boot is another bestseller based on looks.

The boot comes in 3 different colors and features a distressed, distressed leather look that fans love.

A sturdy footbed, shaft and sole ensure the Rambler provides comfort and durability as well as good looks.

4. The Fatty

The Fatbaby boot is a style made for women and is one of Ariat’s most popular styles. The boot features 14 different styles, colors, and designs and has a chunky sole.

In terms of technology, the boot has a lightweight stabilizer upper, a durable cushioned outsole, and quality leather.

However, riding approval has not been granted to the Fatbaby boot.

5. The terrain H20

The Terrain H20 is Ariat’s best-selling hiking boot. Compared to other Ariat boots, the Terrain’s design is built for tough terrain and environments.

The quality leather, the technologyhe waterproofing and comfort make the Terrain great for hikers. The mesh Used in this boot allows the wearer’s feet to breathe while walking.

The boot features an oiled full-grain leather upper, a moisture-wicking lining, a lightweight shaft, a shock-absorbing sole, and a durable outsole.

The boot’s cushioned insole is also made with gel, ensuring maximum comfort.

6. The Midtown Rambler Boot

Like the Terrain H20, the Midtown Rambler boot features a design that isn’t ideal for biking. Instead, the boot shows off a unique, sleek and elegant design, clearly indicating that Ariat made the Midtown Rambler for fashion.

The Midtown Rambler features a large arch at the ankle and vaguely resembles a Chelsea boot. The material is 100% leather and the design looks worn and worn.

The Midtown Rambler features all the comfort found in other boots and styles.

7. The Innovative Work Boot

Like the WorkHog, the Groundbreaker Work Boot pairs well with those who have labor-intensive jobs.

The Groundbreaker’s heavy-duty technology appeals to many consumers, and customers have the option of purchasing a steel-toed pair.

The boot features traction technology, a lightweight upper, a slip-resistant oiled sole, and an insole made for comfort.

Compared to other Ariat work boots, the Groundbreaker features a two-row stitch pattern.

8. The Heritage R Toe Western Boot

The Heritage R Toe Western Boot is Ariat’s most traditional looking Western boot, primarily due to the R Toe.

The Heritage R Toe looks classy and comes in two classic leather colors: black and brown. Brown is ideal for those who love the Used look, while black looks like New. The Heritage R Toe also features a six stitch pattern.

Adding to the fashion, the Heritage R Toe boot uses the same famous Ariat technology. Expect this boot to have Duratread technology, lightweight shank technology, and a cushioned, shock-absorbing sole.

9. The hybrid ranch boot

The Hybrid Rancher boot is unique in that it has a rubber outsole made for extra grip. The Hybrid Rancher provides users with maximum traction, wear resistance, and a 6-stitch pattern.

Leather looks worn and ages well. The Hybrid Rancher features duratread technology, a lightweight stabilizer shank, and a removable cushioning insole for all-day wear. These boots look great during work and play.

Ariat Boots Value

Ariat boots are valuable, quality boots. Ariat makes boot products from quality materials. The company tests boots with a 150-step process that evaluates fit, comfort, and durability.

Even when doing labor-intensive jobs that require people to stand for 8-12 hours, boots are highly unlikely to fall apart or have quality issues.

Ariat has a reputation for creating long-lasting products due to craftsmanship, quality, and durability.These boots are built to last and are easy to care for.

If cared for properly, Ariat boots should last for decades. If you want to ensure you get the best value for your boots, follow these care tips below.

How to make your Ariat boots last a long time

  • Depending on your model, use them where appropriate. For example, don’t buy a boot model marketed for your labor-intensive job design.
  • Take the time to polish your boots with leather oils and polishes so they stay dry and last longer.
  • After every event that soils your boots, gently wipe them down with a damp cloth and brush to remove any dirt.
  • Replace the insoles after a while to prevent fungal and bacterial overgrowth
  • Be careful with boots that get very wet immediately

How to care for Ariat boots when they get wet

  • Remove the insole and dry it with paper towels placed inside the boots and avoid placing them in heat as you risk cracking in the leather.
  • When dry, use a leather conditioner and sponge to rub the conditioner into both boots.
  • After applying the conditioner, apply shoe polish to all boots, making sure the shoe polish absorbs properly.
  • Place boots in a dry place that has fresh airflow to prevent unwanted odors

So are Ariat boots any good?

When it comes down to it, Ariat produces superior, well-rounded boots that are well worth the investment. Its high durability pairs well with an overall quality and style that evokes the best of traditional American footwear.

Plus, Ariat’s commitment to variety makes the brand even better.

Comfort is central to Ariat’s boot design. That consistency has created a strong base of customer loyalty as Ariat produces some of the most comfortable western boots on the market.

Beyond its existing line, Ariat has built a reputation for its commitment to constant product improvement.

The company actively works with biomechanical research organizations and laboratories dedicated to producing high-quality boots. The 150-step boot production process is another factor that underscores Ariat’s quality.

If you are looking for boots that are meant to be a long-lasting investment, then Ariat is a highly recommended manufacturer. Ariat produces premium products intended to withstand decades of use, ensuring that anyone who buys them will get their money’s worth.

So are Ariat boots any good? The answer: yes!

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