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Licenses and Titles and Decals, Oh My.

If you are a motor boat owner in Illinois, you already know that there are many obstacles to overcome. Meaning, there is a full list of regulations, titles, and decals that are required.

Most Stand Up Paddle boards do not have hull identification numbers and areH.I.N.s not required per US Coast Guard. The boards don’t have much of a visible side to stick stickers on. So there has been some confusion and it has taken the state of Illinois a couple of years to catch up with the increasing number of SUP riders.

State Requirements

The most recent decision of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources is (in part):IDNR Page

Canoes, kayaks andPaddleboards no longer need to be titled/registeredin Illinois UNLESS they have motor or sail; otherwise, customers will be able to purchase a ‘Water Use Stamp’ for $6.00 per calendar year for the first three ships and $3.00 for any additional ships, all passes must be purchased at the same time to receive discount. Water use stamps are mandatory. They should be available, without a prescription, at any point-of-sale provider as of July 1, 2013.

To our Wisconsin neighbors, theWisconsin DNR HandbookSample (in part): You must have a Wisconsin number certificate (registration) and expiration decals to legally operate a recreational watercraft. Exceptions to the requirement to register a recreational boat include: Manually propelled boats that are not equipped with a motor or sail.

Personal Flotation Device Requirements

paddleboard life jacket
Paddleboard life Jacket – PDF

A paddleboard is a vessel subject to regulations administered by the US Coast Guard under 46 U.S.C.&2101 and issubject to regulations administered by the US Coast Guard and its Office of Boating Safety.

Depending on the body of water in which you use your SUP, will determine if you must wear your life Jacket or if you only have it on board (under a bungee or attached by the leash of the board). One of the most comfortable PFD’s is the $120 Cascade SUP Vest designed specifically for paddlers. It has a unique lining that allows air to circulate to keep you cool, a large cargo pocket, a reflective patch for others to see, a hanging strap, a whistle and a Fleece front tunnel to Warm your hands.

Paddle boarders must yield the right of way to motor and sail boats. It’s best not to go out after dark as there is nowhere to mount your fore and aft lights on the dash, but if you go out later don’t go alone, make sure you have a whistle, stay close to shore and try one of theLuci Inflatable Solar Lightsthat can go under the bungee cord of your board.

Luci Lights; solar powered, waterproof, floats!
Luci lights; Solar powered, waterproof, floats!

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