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When to get the best deals on ski gear and more!

To get the lowest prices, one must plan ahead. When products and services are at the height of the season, when all the New models arrive, that’s when you pay MSRP/Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Many retailers are required by dealer agreements to maintain M.S.R.P. prices until a certain date at the end of the season. When the end of the season comes around, retailers cut prices to move product before the New season’s product arrives, therefore you’ll pay the lower prices. Although you will find the best prices at the end of the season, the selection will be limited or the conditions will not be optimal. For example; taking a ski trip during the holiday season is the most expensive time to go. By planning ahead, you can check out the trips offered by your local ski club and get the best possible rates offered by any resort.

Make sure you get the right equipment on sale. If you get a really cheap price but get the wrong equipment, you’re not saving anything, it’s going to cost you more. Customers have brought equipment to our store, purchased online from unauthorized sites with missing parts or fixings that can no longer be adjusted or worked, wasting their money and time. In the long run, you may pay more when you buy online, since you can pay more for binding installation and boot fitting with equipment bought online brought to your local store. Remember, your cost is lower because they do not include the service.

Remember, you get what you pay for. When you buy quality gear from an authorized dealer, you’ll get the manufacturer’s warranty as they make aproduct that will last.

How do you make sure you get the right gear? Go to your local ski shop.

There will always be sales and coupons, but by planning your shopping to find end-of-season prices, you’ll save more. So check out this list to spend less each month on everyday purchases and save up your savings for that New pair of skis or a ski trip to the mountains with your friends.

Plan ahead and save

January: wrapping paper, bows, Christmas decorations, toys, formal dresses, white sales, home and office furniture, electronics

February: clothing, white sales, tools, electronics, boats, chocolate

March: cruises, party dresses, frozen food, craft supplies, luggage,winter coats& ski Jackets, snow pants, snow skis, snowboards and ski boots,

april:End of season getaways, season passes, lift tickets, laptops, snow blowers, studs,

May: Off-season vacations in the Caribbean, Cape Cod or Hamptons, light Jackets and pants, housewares, kitchen Accessories, tables, bedding, are on sale for New graduates.

Save on plants for your garden by going to the local Garden Club plant sales in your community.

June: underwear, tools, grills, men’s clothing,of the father’s day sales

July: shorts & summer clothes, gym membership, jewelry, blueberries, corn on the cob, hot weather vacation spots eg: Caribbean

August: Stand Up Paddle Boards, garden supplies, back to school sales,

September: summer clothes,ski trips ski club– Check out trips offered by your local ski club, paddle boards, office supplies from leftover back-to-school sales, kitchen supplies, wine

October: shrubs, trees & perennials from the nursery, new cars, pumpkins

Save on ski and snowboard equipment by visitingSki and snowboard show in the Windy Cityin Schaumburg IL. There you will find clothes and garments from the last seasons from local stores at a great discount.

november: Trip to Disney World, wedding dresses and venues, candy, turkeys, cranberries,
Electronics between November 3 and 15.

December: clothes for the whole family the week before Christmas, blueberries, toys the first two weeks of December.

Learn more about when to getgood deals according to Consumer Reports.

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